About Us

International Vocational Centre (IVC) is an international Non-Governmental Organization (a member of Duns-USA, solely devoted to educational scholarship, research, human capital Development, Entrepreneurship and Social Empowerment projects in Collaboration with other 23 NGO organizations around the Globe such as Funds for NGO, USAid, Investors in people, Etc.


Our primary goals or Services in Nigeria includes:
a) Skill Acquisition Training
b) Scholarship scheme
c) Human Capital Development
d) Sustainable Development Goal Promoters
e) Wealth creation
f) Employment creators


Investing in people through the provision of affordable education to the needy and brilliant youths in an excellent environment within and outside Nigeria, promoting their academic and divine deposit regardless of their financial or physical position in life.


Our scholarship scheme shall cover all fields of study with special consideration to all professional courses and vocational training.

We promise that our presence shall make a difference in our world and funds shall meet with the challenges and mankind will be liberated and glory shall return to the God Almighty.

We do our best within best practice to provide our clients the best opportunities available. Our step to actualize their dream is simple and fast. Our services remain selfless.

We are also to form energy with governments, institutions public and private sector in order to assist the government in taking unemployment problems.


Our primary goal in Nigeria includes, skills acquisition training, empowering people to meet with the current Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), establishing cooperation to provide employment by placing then in job of their specialization.


We are forward thinking organization and committed to our goals and objectives, our human resource work is an important factor in the organization.


We believe our advancement in the 21st century will be dependent on how we can mobilize human and material resources most efficiently and in furtherance of our objectives of making Eastern Nigeria a better place for all and an educational hub for all black races. Let us state that the opportunity to re-establish standards in our educational sector that powers people ambition will be based on equity, fairness and competency. No candidate under our watchdog will be shortchanged. We shall vigorously address the poverty issue of illiteracy and lack of quality education created by co-funding and promoting our schools value and self-reliance project. Beneficiaries of our scholarships shall partake in our growth enhancement schemes and integrated chain system of our personal development and improvement. To us as educational group, we are committed to our goal, our faith in God and partnership with great donors of high reputation will assist us evaluate, rebuild and, manage school standards. We are strongly responding to the challenges thus far by building capacity through training and providing several skill development centers for people who wish to learn alternative means of livelihood and for those who must achieve excellent result in life through quality academics. We are launching integration and mentoring programmes through our scholarships to see that their dreams are not only achieved but without pain. Our scholarships shall in general provide easy access to quality educational learning opportunity.


The establishment of this scholarship scheme became necessary because we were challenged by the underlying spirit of national and family challenges in Nigeria. Our scholarships are for student without brilliant minds in all fields of learning irrespective of their background. To bring our goal and dream to work better for our target audience in discharging our mandate given by our donors, we will be depending on cooperation as Nigerians to bring our dream to reality. There can never be a better time than this time to support our families, helping to train their wards in a special environment of learning which most cannot afford on their own. We are greatly encouraged by the brilliance, innovation, patriotism, sacrifice and passion for excellence that our leader and donors have in common to bring about this world landmark programme aimed at helping all African children to pursue and attain their God given potentials and destiny. Many youth, students of brilliant mind, due to financial constraints continue to plot their departure plan, some have left our shore in search of better opportunities, and move in alternative plan that leads them to bad company. We have to create enabling environment for our youths. To achieve this, we have to grow the economy by increasing our investment in education, especially in training and research, creating alternative educational system, like vocational training e.t.c, to this end we must plan our educational system to respond most effectively and efficiently to our development need in the humanities, sciences, sports and technology among others. We have identified with the biggest donors to Africa on education; our mandate is to advance education through reliable organizations, reputable institutions and quality skill training. There is bumper harvest awaiting our country in all field of life, only how well will we administer the opportunities available today will guarantee our tomorrow. We place technical experts and managers, with employers worldwide to closely incorporate on site, structures and initiate sustainable development in our host city. Recreating the world around them and perfecting God’s desired destiny for mankind. Our programmes are tailored with technical know-how that would enhance man’s capacity by creating opportunities within our host communities. Our scheme is reading out to brilliant students and touching their souls and inspiring their spirits to learn. We believe we can make it happen and truly believe we can change the world.


Thank you for visiting our site: Over 57% of SSCE /WAEC Candidates do not further their education to university due to finance.